Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in a Condo in Buena Park, Chicago, IL

This homeowner found out that the people above her who were in the process of selling their condominium didn't properly shut the balcony door. The wind blew th... READ MORE

Water Damage in an Uptown Condo in Chicago, IL

This was caused by an old water heater that rusted through the bottom and started leaking out water. The homeowner said that they didn't notice it until the fl... READ MORE

Smoke Damage at a High School in Chicago, IL

When you send your kids in to school and then they have their summer vacation you really don't think that the school are still open. These buildings constantly... READ MORE

Fire Damage in an Albany Park Home in Chicago, IL

Winters in Chicago can be very harsh. When you have an old building forced air heat can be very expansive to install. Lots of times people just buy those elec... READ MORE

Flooded School in the Ravenswood Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

This job showed us that no matter how old or new the school is they will always need our help. This loss happened during summer break when the kids were not in... READ MORE

Flooded Basement from Storm in Bowmanville Neighborhood, in Chicago, IL

May 2020 for Chicago was definitely a time for a storm event. SERVPRO had several franchises from out of town who came to lend a hand. At this residence the h... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Sauganash Neighborhood

Whenever you walk into an inspection and think that you have seen it all there is always that one job that will slap you back into realty. This basement was ac... READ MORE

Taking care of our local Chicago Chamber of Commerce offices

During the Coronavirus pandemic we realized how important clean environments are in all aspects of business and life. As many essential businesses continue to ... READ MORE

Our agents' well-being is important to us

Each year our franchise has the opportunity to provide our insurance agents with a free course to continue their education in their field of work. Many agents ... READ MORE

Fire Damage from a Malfunctioned Lighter in Chicago, IL

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause damages to your home. In this case the culprit was a lighter that was sitting on the mantle. The homeowner believ... READ MORE