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Did You Know We Will Clean & Restore Any Hoarding Scenario ?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Armed and ready to clean up any hoarding scenario!

Hoarding is a serious problem for many people. A hoarder's home may be a very dangerous place. But with the right clean up help, hoarding can easily be defeated and become a thing of the past. If you are concerned that you or a loved one is at risk due to hoarding, call us to help clean it up. Hoarding Causes:

  • Biohazardous Conditions
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Blocks Exits For Emergency Personnel
  • Mold
  • Illness & Injury
  • Unsanitary Conditions
  • Odor
  • Weakened Structural Integrity

Call SERVPRO of Ravenswood today to discuss your hazard cleanup options; 773-878-5200.

Examples of Biohazard and What To Do About Them

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Bloodborne pathogen cleanup

Biohazard is an umbrella term for biological materials that are a threat to living organisms. If you own or manage a Andersonville commercial property, biohazards can pose serious harm. Not just to you, but anyone who frequents your establishment. Biohazards could show up almost anywhere, Andersonville. If you have commercial property it is extremely important to be cautious of this threat. However, some people may not know everything that the word biohazard encompasses and how to clean it up. It covers numerous materials. There are even levels of biohazard, each one presenting different threats.

Examples of Biohazard

There are different kinds of biohazard. It is possible that some of these examples will never present themselves in your building. Of course, that does not mean you are safe from harmful materials. Blood is a huge biohazard risk. This also includes anything that has come into contact with blood, or other bodily fluids. Bloodborne pathogens and fluids can lead to disease if they come into contact with someone. Animal bedding and animal waste are also threats. This is especially true if the animal is sick in anyway. Microbiological waste is another example of biohazard. Of course, this kind of threat is more common in labs. A threat that is common in medical settings is sharps waste. This includes needles, glass slides, and scalpels.

While your Andersonville commercial property may not be exposed to as many biohazards as other places, it is still exposed. It may not be obvious, but biohazards will be a threat no matter what.  SERVPRO of Ravenswood can clean it up safely and efficiently.

Levels of Biohazard

There are numerous levels of biohazard, four to be exact, with different threats. Level one includes E. Coli, Bacillus subtilis, and more. These materials are just a minimal threat to people and the environment. Level two includes HIV, Hepatitis B, and Salmonella. These have the possibility to make people extremely sick. Level two biohazards are contracted through contact with any infected materials or items. Level three includes tuberculosis and other airborne pathogens. They expose people to serious illnesses. Level four biohazards pose the highest threat levels. The diseases they cause have no treatments, and could even be life threatening. This includes the Ebola and Lassa viruses. For threats of this nature it is recommended to contact your nearest EPA office for help.

What Do You Do About Them

If there is biohazard exposure in your Andersonville commercial property you may have no idea what to do. It needs to be cleaned immediately, but most levels require specialty cleaning services. These services are trained to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently. However, if you have no experience with this, you might not know who to call. SERVPRO of Ravenswood is a 24/7 company that specializes in cleaning up many levels of biohazard exposure. We comply with health regulations and possess all of the equipment needed for safe disposal. We will decontaminate your building in the event of trauma, chemical spills, sewage backups, hoarding, and more. When it comes to biohazard, the substances must be cleaned up properly to prevent serious health risks. SERVPRO of Ravenswood will make sure this gets done so your Andersonville building can go back to normal.  

Biohazard Cleaning Ravenswood

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Our trained technicians utilizing protective gear.

Exposure to different chemical and biological contaminants can be a serious health risk and have dire consequences. In fact, failure to correctly remove biohazard substances Ravenswood can lead to extremely unhealthy and even dangerous environments. That is why SERVPRO of Ravenswood, a biohazard cleaning company, should be called in to safely clean and dispose of anything that is considered to be a biohazard.

What is a biohazard? A biohazard is an organism or one of its byproducts that can be harmful or even potentially harmful to a person. Here are different types of biohazard cleanup services SERVPRO of Ravenswood can service:

  • Sewage backups
  • Crime scene residues
  • Suicide/death accidents
  • Homicide cleanups
  • Blood cleanup
  • Accident cleanup
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Animal waste/remains
  • Chemical spills
  • Tear gas cleanup
  • Meth lab cleanup

While most people believe that a commercial cleaning product will be able to clean the biohazard thoroughly, there is actually no way to be 100% positive if the area that was affected has been properly disinfected. This is why a SERVPRO of Ravenswood’s specially trained biohazard cleaning technicians should be used. We are able to employ highly effective cleaning methods to the affected area and ensure that the site is safe.

It is very important that any biohazards Ravenswood is handled by a professional. While most people think that a biohazardous material can only be in a hospital or some sort of health care setting, they actually occur anywhere.

The most common scenario for biohazardous contamination would be a sewage backup. When you have a sewage backup, it is nasty and can be extremely smelly. Since it is sewage water that is usually full of urine, feces and other contaminants, harmful microorganisms can be introduced into the structure. The best plan of action a biohazard cleanup specialist can do, is to remove all the sewage and contaminants and make sure that the entire area has been properly cleaned, disinfected and deodorized.

The second most common biohazard scenario is from bloodborne pathogens. This can range from bodily fluids, blood, tissue or any other type of pathogenic substance. All these types of bloodborne pathogens can be a result of an accident, crime, trauma or even death. Again, a certified specialist should be called in to clean the area, disinfect the area, deodorize as well.

How will a biohazard technician cleanup a biohazard scenario Ravenswood? While there are OSHA and health regulation standards, the general process is to clean the area, disinfect the area, and finally deodorize the area.

When the scene is being cleaned, all traces of biological material, blood, chemicals, and dirt are removed from the area. Any personal property that is unable to be remediated becomes medical waste and is then disposed of.

The scene is then disinfected. A disinfectant spray is used on all surfaces and then the scene is wiped manually for a second time. Adenosine triphosphate fluorescence testing is then used to test the area to verify sanitation.

The final step is then to deodorize the scene to eliminate the possibility of any types of odors. Click here for additional tips.

Any biohazard scenario Ravenswood has the potential to be a health hazard. By utilizing SERVPRO of Ravenswood for biohazard cleaning services, you will be able to make sure that all possibilities of this are eliminated, and the area will become usable once again. Call today for immediate service; 773-878-5200.

Trauma/ Crime Scene Cleanup Chicago

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

Before picture of a vandalism at a residential home.

When it's time to clean and restore a home, property, office or other structure after a crime or accident has taken place, our professional trauma and crime scene cleanup team is ready to serve. When police have completed their investigation and have processed the scene of an accident or crime, the area should be cleaned quickly and professionally. Removing hazardous materials and other contaminants that could create a health risk or safety issue need to be removed as soon as possible. For trauma and crime scene cleanup in Chicago, call SERVPRO of Ravenswood today; 773-878-5200.

How Can We Help You?

At SERVPRO of Ravenswood our highly trained technicians adhere to the OSHA and EPA protocols to ensure a crime scene or accident scene has returned to a safe environment. Ensuring their safety, and the safety of those around them, we work to remove bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, bodily fluids, tissue remnants, blood, gas and extinguisher residue, and much more. When restoring a private residence, our team will ensure the utmost compassion and concern for your belongings and property. In the event of illegal drug or substance presence, our cleanup crew will ensure chemicals have not transmitted throughout the structure and onto other surfaces. We'll also remove crime scene residue that has been left behind by the crime labs, including fingerprint dust.

Skilled and Professional Technicians

When you call SERVPRO of Ravenswood, your expert trauma and crime scene cleanup crew in Chicago, you’ll be relying on the best in the business. We ensure all of our technicians are trained to federal level standards and are routinely upgrading their restoration and cleanup skills to meet the demands of the market. We maintain excellent working relationships with fire officials, police, and other city workers who strive to keep the city safe. Working to restore a residence or office after a crime or accident is no easy task, but our highly skilled cleanup technicians are up to the challenge.

Helping You Get on With Life

Whether you've been in an accident, or have been involved in a crime, restoring your home, office, or property to its original state is an essential part of the recovery process for many people. While we cannot replace the memories, the damage to your property will pass removal. We take great pride in restoring homes, offices, and property after a crime or accident has occurred. We know it's essential for everyone involved, and for the safety of those around the crime or accident, to rectify the scene as soon as possible.

Work With SERVPRO of Ravenswood

If you require the services of a professional and discreet trauma and crime scene cleanup team, contact our Chicago office today at 773-878-5200. We'll ensure that the scene returns to its natural order, and take great care in cleaning and repairing the damage done as a result of the crime or accident. Don't hesitate to contact us to talk about how we can help your family, organization, or public service organization clean and restore a building, street, or home after a trauma or accident.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Uptown

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Don't Do It Yourself - Call the Pros!

Crime scenes can be complex and messy. The proper way to process a crime scene must be done strategically in order to preserve evidence. Once police officials have completely processed a crime scene, the need to hire a professional trauma and crime scene cleanup team would be recommended to properly ensure cleaning and restoring of the area. With health risks associated with blood or toxic particles, Uptown area SERVPRO professionals can effectively remove these elements efficiently.

Uptown business owners and residents, SERVPRO of Ravenswood teams have the expertise, resources and training to safely cleanup crime scenes. Crime scenes can completely alter your space, which may leave you feeling hopeless. Plus, those related to trauma can leave behind many dangerous particles and chemicals that you will want to cleanup in the fastest and best way possible. Our cleanup teams are certified and knowledgeable in OSHA and EPA guidelines. This means they have the ability to restore an unsafe and contaminated environment, allowing you to return home or to your business.

Some common dangers of crime scenes related to trauma include the exposure to:

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Residues as a result of crime scene chemicals

Leaving these elements behind can greatly increase the chance for more contamination as well as negatively impact your well-being. SERVPRO of Ravenswood’s cleanup services, especially those in the Uptown area, work in the way to ensure that your space is returned to normal following any type of crime scene. Some of the following are typical services that an Uptown crime scene cleanup team may provide: 

  • Blood, fluids and other tissue remnants
  • Tear gas
  • Pepper spray
  • Fingerprint powder
  • Fire or water damage

Residues left behind by a team of investigators can be toxic if not cleaned up properly. Police officers may dust areas for fingerprints to thoroughly conduct an investigation of the area. Remnants of fingerprint powder and other evidence-gathering chemicals can be harmful to you and your surroundings. If there were injuries or casualties, there may have been blood or fluid spillage. Exposure to blood and bodily fluids can increase your chances of contracting viruses and disease. Say that police seized a lab that was known for producing illegal drugs such as methamphetamine aka meth. These labs are saturated in harmful chemicals whether through touch or inhalation. All of these different scenarios are ones that the professionals at SERVPRO can provide to Uptown residents and businesses, when searching for cleanup service who carry the experience in handling such cases. We will work to sanitize and deodorize the environment, returning it to normal as much as possible.

Crime scenes, especially those involving trauma, can leave behind negative experiences. However, it does not mean that there is no hope in restoring the space back to its original standing. If you are in need of cleanup from a team that experienced and knowledgeable, you should contact SERVPRO of Ravenswood who services the Uptown area; 773-878-5200.