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Storm Damage Testimonials

A few weeks back I was a victim of circumstance due to the group of tornadoes that touched down in Chicago and the western suburbs.  A wind tunnel came down my street and in a matter of minutes the 100-year old maple that resided in front of my building came crashing down.  All I heard was a thunderous crush sound as I hid in the corner of my apartment.  When the storm passed I looked outside and saw this beautiful piece of nature torn from its roots.  It made me sad.  My neighbors and I slowly crept out of our homes to view the damage.  My maple landed perfectly on top of our parking lot literally laying over mine and 4 other vehicles.  The first person I called was my daughter, Donna Bugosh, who works at SERVPRO of Ravenswood.  She knew exactly what to tell me and my neighbors to do.  Between SERVPRO's expert advise, the city services and my insurance agents efforts our neighborhood was quickly cleaned up and a new vehicle was on the horizon.  We were fortunate the tree did not land on our building and no one was physically harmed.  I'm thankful for all parties involved.

I just want to thank SERVPRO of Ravenswood for the very rapid response to the situation and making sure that the broken window was secure. Really fantastic. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you.

It rained so hard and much during a storm in June that we had water and stuff come up through the drains, all the drains, even the tub drain, in the basement apartment.  SERVPRO came in quickly and took all the smelly things away.  When they were done the place smelled like new.  Thank you SERVPRO for drying our home and giving us good tips for the future.

I wanted to thank you (Tom) and your crew for the amazing clean-up.  From the start, I was grateful for your help and wonderful guidance.  You were attentive, caring and honest.  Your point person, Eduardo and the crew were just as helpful, kind, hard-working, diligent, and professional.  While we hope to never need your services again, we will highly recommend you to anyone that does.

Thank you for everything.

The entire crew - from start to finish were great.  I appreciate them getting here so quickly.

“We were very satisfied. We had a very kind, respectful team that we believe were very honest and we don’t think we would have chosen anyone else. They came in, they worked very hard, they reacted well. They worked to the protocol to try to take care of the drywall and the cabinets. We are thankful for them and we feel very blessed to have them.”